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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rage - Inward Rasta

Range sings about judging one based on outside appearance in "Inward Rasta." In an interview. Range (real name Shana Blair McCormack) said, "The song is based on a mixture of perspectives, both on my own extended family structure as well as friends who practice and believe in the faith of the whole life, history and culture of Rastafarianism. The whole concept stems from living in a world where one is not judged or segregated based on what society expects as it relates to practices, beliefs or religion."

"... I'm not my hair,
     Don't you judge me,
     I'm a Rasta inside..."

"...I'm a Nubian goddess,
Hear me chanting,
Don't care what Babylon has to say..."

"...Me no go about the norms of this society,
And the ignorance they teach,
Take me to the world of Marcus Garvey,
Liberate your mind..."

You will love this sweet dub and you will play it over and over again.