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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Stephen Marley - Made In Africa ft. Wale, The Cast of Fela

Stephen Marley gives us "Made In Africa" which will make you proud of being African - or want to be one. The words touch on each generation from ancient to date and on into the future.

"...Oldest human bones found in Ethiopia...

... Africans were the first builders of civilization...

...Ships that sail to distant places
Robbed us of our rising worlds
History says that you've betrayed us
Talking of the Gods you serve
Hear the rambling in the sky
Tears that our fore fathers cry
And today we're still in chains
Take the shackle from our minds...

...Our children must be taught, of Africa
The science and the art, Africa...

...Educate yourself, Africa
To liberate yourselves, Africa
Keep your heads up high
No more will we cry

Beautiful are thou, Africa
A legend have to bow, Africa..."