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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chris Martin - Pirate of The Caribbean

Chris Martin's "Pirate of The Caribbean" is one smooth melodious ecstasy. From start to finish you will have the flow of the Caribbean going through you... even if you've never been there. The historical throwbacks and references combine with swashbuckling of today to give you an image of how smooth he must be as he  "pillages the villages..."

    "...This is not my village am just visiting
    Am just pillaging the villages
    I see two diamonds that I want
    I know they gonna give it up
    Beautiful girls are my treasure
    Looting their heart is my pleasure...

  ... Yea am a pirate
    Pirate of the Caribbean
    And I'm as sharp as a blade...

   ... Me slicker than Jack Sparrow
    Me rougher than Blackbeard
    A my style dem borrow
    From Henry Morgan days
    Out a Port Royal weh the ship dem dock
    Dem know a trouble from the sail dem block
    Worst when dem see the skull and bone pon dat
    From the gal dem mat
    Man ago launch attack
    Am a pirate...

... Pirate of the Caribbean
    Sail across the seven seas
    My riches goes to infinity
    All these girls are in love with me
    My crew will never switch
    Am the captain and this so..."